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In the glitzy realm of Dubai Fashion Week, from February 4 to 8, 2024, one brand is poised to steal the spotlight and redefine the industry’s norms. MULU, the brainchild of powerlifter-turned-entrepreneur Kanessa Muluneh, is set to make a powerful statement with its debut on the international runway, showcasing 18 final looks that embody the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and fashion for every body.

Empowering the Plus-Size Community: The Origin of MULU

MULU’s journey began as a personal quest for empowerment. Kanessa Muluneh, whose focus was once on powerlifting, found herself navigating the challenges of post-pregnancy weight gain and the scarcity of stylish clothing for plus-size individuals. In response, she birthed MULU—a fashion label designed to challenge norms and redefine beauty

From Local Roots to Global Recognition: The Unfolding Saga of MULU

What started in the Netherlands blossomed into a global movement. MULU’s community grew organically through Facebook groups and physical classes hosted by Kanessa herself. Recognizing the need for investment, the brand acquired its manufacturing company, a move that marked a significant milestone. Now, with a burgeoning global presence, MULU is expanding its horizons to Dubai, signaling the launch of a flagship

Beyond Fashion: The Philosophy of MULU

MULU isn’t just a fashion brand; it’s a philosophy grounded in fearlessness, strength, and inclusivity. While championing fair wages and ethical manufacturing, MULU encourages individuals to pursue their desires unapologetically. The recent introduction of the ‘MULU Men’ collection signifies a shift from a women-centric focus to a celebration of personal

Diversity Beyond Expectations: MULU’s Product Offerings

MULU’s product range is as diverse as its philosophy. From dedicated collections for women, men, and soon, children, to ‘MULU Fine’ for petite sizes and the newly launched ‘MULU Men’ collection, the brand ensures inclusivity in every stitch. Quality is not just a promise but a commitment, with features like double layers of fabric, drawstrings for sag prevention, and reinforced stitching.

Uplifting Communities Globally: MULU’s Current Status and Future Prospects

Beyond its status as an international fashion icon, MULU stands as a force for positive change. The brand’s vision includes launching children’s collections, exploring modest wear, and investing in digital enhancements for an enriched online customer experience. Initiatives like Sporthy and ecommerce marketplace projects underscore MULU’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

From Immigrant Roots to Fashion Entrepreneurship: Kanessa Muluneh’s Inspiring Journey

Kanessa Muluneh’s life journey mirrors the spirit of MULU—from immigrant roots to corporate success. As a passionate entrepreneur, her experiences, including overcoming health obstacles and launching million-dollar ventures, fuel the brand’s ethos. Kanessa’s commitment extends beyond fashion to driving economic growth in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

MULU: From Pillow to Party

Born out of a personal struggle, MULU has evolved into a game-changing brand, pushing boundaries and reshaping the fashion industry. With a commitment to high-quality clothing and cutting-edge technology, MULU stays at the forefront of fashion. The brand’s journey now includes empowering others to create their brands, embodying the dedication to plus-sized people globally.

As MULU graces the runway at Dubai Fashion Week, from February 4 to 8, 2024, it not only showcases fashion but leads a movement—bringing style to every body and celebrating the beauty of diversity. Beyond the garments, MULU is a narrative of empowerment, inclusivity, and the triumph of individuality.

In an exciting development, MULU is poised to extend its influence by assisting young entrepreneurs in establishing their own brands. Opening up its manufacturing capabilities as a vendor, MULU is dedicated to providing comprehensive support through the MULU Mentorship program, guiding aspiring individuals from concept to realization. This initiative reflects MULU’s commitment to fostering the next generation of innovative and inclusive fashion leaders.

For Media inquiries, please contact: Christine Mutia press@kanessamuluneh.net

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MULU: A Fashion Revolution Unveiled on the Dubai Runway